Clerk fights off armed criminal, The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas 04/22/14 An armed robber entered Lisa’s Beer and Wine convenience store in Dallas, Texas and ordered the clerk to hand over...    |    Opposition rising to Colorado gun control laws More than a year after pushing through through some of the toughest gun control measures in the country, Colorado...    |    Kansas: Gov. Brownback approves bill nullifying local gun regulations Gov. Sam Brownback has signed legislation nullifying city and county gun restrictions and ensuring that it is legal...    |    Florida: House clears bill to ban insurers from gun-based premiums With supporters pointing to Second Amendment rights, the Florida House on Tuesday gave final approval to a bill that...    |    Female gun instructors in hot demand The market for female gun instructors is booming as more women want to learn to shoot -- both for self defense and for...    |    N.Y. School Reverses Suspension for Student Wearing NRA Shirt It's not often the Second Amendment scores a victory in the state of New York, but they got one on Tuesday when the...    |    Virginia: Senate Rejects Governor’s Anti-Gun Amendment Today, the Virginia Senate rejected Governor Terry McAuliffe’s (D) NRA-opposed amendment to Senate Bill 377 by a 15 to...    |    Louisiana: Gun Control Bill Defeated in House Committee Today, the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee voted 8 to 4 to involuntarily defer House Bill 1189,...    |    Arizona: “Shall Certify” Legislation Passes in Senate, Goes to Governor for Signature Yesterday, the Arizona Senate passed House Bill 2535 by an 18 to 10 vote.  Introduced by state Representative John...    |    Georgia: Governor Signs Comprehensive Pro-Gun Bill into Law Today, Governor Nathan Deal (R) signed into law House Bill 60, the most comprehensive pro-gun legislation in state...    |    Kansas: Comprehensive Pro-Gun Bill Signed into Law Yesterday, Governor Sam Brownback (R) signed House Bill 2578 into law.  As previously reported here, HB 2578 passed...    |    Oklahoma: Three Pro-Gun Bills Pass and Head to Governor It has been a busy week for pro-gun legislation in Oklahoma City and your NRA is happy to report that three important...    |    Arizona: Senate approves another gun bill Under the bill, officers would be required to certify or deny a weapon within 60 days. Kavanagh says some agencies take...    |    Georgia: Governor to sign Right-to-Carry legislation At noon Wednesday, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal is scheduled to sign the sweeping legislation into law. One of the most...    |    Nebraska: Emergency Powers Protection Bill Signed into Law Today, Governor Dave Heineman (R) signed Legislative Bill 390 into law.  LB 390 passed unanimously in the Nebraska...    |    Louisiana: House Committee Removes Bill to Repeal Self-Defense Law from Tomorrow's Agenda House Bill 826, NRA-opposed legislation sponsored by state Representative Wesley Bishop (D-New Orleans) to repeal...    |    Pennsylvania: Employer Firearm Parking Lot Bans Widespread Last week, we sent an alert asking Pennsylvania NRA members to report to our State and Local Affairs Division if their...    |    Georgia: Governor to Sign Comprehensive Pro-Gun Bill on Wednesday This Wednesday, April 23, Governor Nathan Deal (R) will sign House Bill 60 into law, the most comprehensive pro-gun bill...    |    Husband defends wife and home from intruder, KPRC, Houston, Texas, 04/21/14 A husband and wife were asleep at home in Houston, Texas when they were awakened by someone attempting to break in...    |    Florida Report: Discrimination against Gun Owners by Insurance Companies Senate Bill 424 to Stop Discrimination by Insurance Companies Against Gun Owners has PASSED THE FLORIDA LEGISLATURE!!!!!...    |    Supreme Court pushes consideration of N.J. gun case to April 25 The U.S. Supreme Court has pushed its consideration of a case challenging New Jersey’s mandate that citizens show a...    |    The NRA still true to its calling Certain things remain constant in America, despite the best efforts of, say, Hollywood, the mainstream news media,...    |    Kopel: The First Amendment guide to the Second Amendment Back in 1995, the Tennessee Law Review published a symposium issue on the Second Amendment and firearms policy. That...    |    Illinois: Skokie man sues over denial of concealed carry permit A 69-year-old Skokie man filed a lawsuit Monday in federal court claiming the state unconstitutionally denied him a...    |    Florida: House to vote on insurance rules The Florida House is scheduled to vote on a bill Monday that would make it illegal for insurance companies to deny...    |    Gun silencer sales are booming Sales are booming for silencers, the cylindrical devices used to muffle gunfire. The civilian market for silencers...    |    Missouri: House Could Consider NRA-Supported Bill at Anytime At anytime, the Missouri House of Representatives could bring up for consideration Senate Joint Resolution 36.      |    Louisiana: House Committee Scheduled to Hear Bill to Repeal Self-Defense Law this Wednesday This Wednesday, April 23, the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee will consider House Bill 826. ...    |    Michigan: Senate Committee to Consider Multiple Pro-Second Amendment Bills Tomorrow Tomorrow, the Michigan Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to hear multiple pieces of pro-Second Amendment...    |    Virginia: General Assembly to Consider Governor’s Anti-Gun Amendment on Wednesday This Wednesday, April 23, the Virginia General Assembly is meeting for its reconvened session to consider gubernatorial...    |    NRA won’t let Michael Bloomberg step on citizens’ rights In coming days, approximately 80,000 Second Amendment enthusiasts from across the country will congregate in...    |    Gun classes drawing more women Bob White tells the women in his beginning firearms classes that choosing a gun is like choosing a good pair of...    |    Illinois: State officials drop proposed medical pot gun ban In response to a chorus of calls for cheaper access to medical marijuana, state regulators have proposed lowering the...    |    Judge: Out-of-state pot rap can’t stop gun ownership A federal judge yesterday ruled that two Bay State men — previously convicted of marijuana possession in other states...    |    Grassroots Alert: Vol. 21, No. 16 04/18/2014    |    Arizona: Governor Signs Pro-Gun Bills, Other Bills Await Consideration and Signature Yesterday, Governor Jan Brewer (R) signed House Bill 2103 into law.  Introduced by state Representative Kelly Townsend...    |    Rhode Island: Senate and House Committees Stall Multiple Anti-Gun Bills More than a dozen gun control bills were scheduled for a hearing this week in the Senate Judiciary Committee and the...    |    Nebraska: Legislature Adjourns with Passage of Emergency Powers Legislation Yesterday, in the final hour of its 2014 legislative session, the Nebraska Legislature unanimously passed critical...    |    Man fells vicious dog, The Daytona Beach News-Journal, Daytona, Fla. 04/15/14 Robert Powell was out walking his dog in DeBary, Fla. when a pit bull leashed outside a home broke free and began to...    |    Sen. Cornyn Sends Letter to Holder Demanding Answers on DOJ's Proposal to Push "Smart Guns" As we reported last week, Attorney General Eric Holder recently testified on Capitol Hill that the country needs to...    |    N.J. man’s handgun case before U.S. Supreme Court on Friday The U.S. Supreme Court will decide in the coming days whether it will hear a Sussex County man’s challenge to New...    |    Lott: What the press is missing in Bloomberg's anti-gun push Gun control has largely been a top down effort. Michael Bloomberg’s latest announcement that he will spend another $50...    |    Bloomberg Rebrands Gun Control Apparatus, Pledges $50 Million to Fight NRA, Second Amendment On Wednesday, the New York Times published an article outlining Michael Bloomberg's latest attempt to buy your rights....    |    Outrage of the Week: One Yellow Squirt Gun, Plus Zero Common Sense Enforcement, Equals 10-Day Suspension It seems that seldom a week goes by that there is not a new, outrageous case of over-zealous school officials abusing...    |    No Negotiation, Only Victory Over Anti-Gun Fanaticism An  article by the Denver Post reports that the number of background checks conducted on private firearm transfers in...    |    Missouri: Right to Keep and Bear Arms Constitutional Amendment Awaits Action in House Last week, the House General Laws Committee voted “Do Pass” on Senate Joint Resolution 36 and this measure is...    |    Louisiana: Mandatory Training Bill Fails to Advance from Committee This Wednesday, House Bill 13 was voluntarily deferred by its sponsor, state Representative Austin Badon (D-New...    |    West Virginia: Attorney General Seeks to Right a Legal Wrong Today, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey (R) filed a motion to intervene and dismiss a frivolous lawsuit filed by rabid...    |    Arizona: Governor Signs Pro-Gun Bill -- Update on Legislative Activity in Phoenix On Tuesday, House Bill 2103 passed in the state Senate by a 20 to 10 vote.  Introduced by state Representative Kelly...    |    Bloomberg's New Campaign: Take Guns from Women in Abusive Households For all Michael Bloomberg's talk about simply wanting to secure expanded background checks, his newest gun control group...    |    A Pro-Gun Group Stole Bloomberg’s "Gun Safety" Group’s Name On Facebook Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg launched a $50 million gun-control campaign called “Everytown for Gun...    |    NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox talks to Megyn Kelly about Bloomberg's $50 million pledge for anti-gun awareness plan NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox joins Megyn Kelly to talk about former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg's $50...    |    Sen. Cornyn demands answers on DOJ’s proposed firearm tracking technology U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding answers about the Department of...    |    Sainthood for gun-grabbing ex-Mayor Bloomberg? Mike Bloomberg is a saint in his own mind (nowhere else matters). “I have earned my place in heaven,” the...    |    Judge upholds New York’s tougher gun law A trial-level judge has dismissed a challenge to New York’s new gun law, rejecting legal claims that the law was...    |    Despite deadline, protesters ‘will not comply’ with SAFE Act Owners of assault-style weapons were supposed to have registered their guns by Tuesday.But there is no way of knowing...    |    Homeowner shoots burglar, KSBW, Santa Cruz, Calif. 04/14/14, KION, Monterey, Calif. 04/14/14 A homeowner was asleep at home in Salinas, Calif. when he was awakened to a noise coming from outside the home. The...    |    Bloomberg plans a $50 million challenge to the NRA Michael R. Bloomberg, making his first major political investment since leaving office, plans to spend $50 million this...    |    New York gun owners face ‘SAFE Act’ registration deadline New York gun owners who possess firearms classified as assault weapons under a new state law have until the end of...    |    4 pro-gun bills get initial nod in Arizona Senate The Arizona Senate on Tuesday gave initial approval to four major pro-gun bills that Republicans said are necessary to...    |    Mexico sets date for vigilantes to register guns The Mexican government says vigilante groups in the western state of Michoacan will have until May 10 to register their...    |    NRA's Annual Meetings & Exhibits 2014: Stand and Fight Fairfax, Va. – The National Rifle Association (NRA) Annual Meetings and Exhibits sponsored by MidwayUSA will be held...    |    Tennessee: House Subcommittee Chairman Removes Park Carry Bill from Schedule Last night, House Bill 1407, sponsored by state Representative Tilman Goins (R-10), was removed from the hearing notice...    |    Jewelry store owner fells robber, The San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco, Calif. 04/12/14, The San Jose Mercury News, San Jose, Calif. 04/11/14 A group of masked and armed men entered Hardy Nix Jewelers in Antioch, Calif. and attempted to rob the store. The...    |    Pennsylvania: Firearms Preemption Bill Still Stalled in House, Your Immediate Help Needed Another week has gone by and the Pennsylvania House of Representatives has still not acted on House Bill 2011, critical...    |    Connecticut not yet ready to enforce gun law More than a year has passed since Connecticut enacted tighter firearm restrictions following the 2012 school shooting in...    |    Texas: Legislature likely to debate open carry, campus carry laws next year Like other large communities in Texas and throughout the nation, this city of 1.4 million residents is used to all kinds...    |    Kentucky: Comprehensive Pro-Gun Reform Signed into Law Last Week Last Friday, Governor Steve Beshear (D) signed into law a comprehensive pro-gun bill, House Bill 128. As initially...    |    Rhode Island: Senate and House Committees to Hear Over a Dozen Gun Bills this Week Anti-gun state lawmakers continue their assault on the constitutional rights of Rhode Island gun owners this week in...    |    New York: “SAFE Act” Registration Deadline is Tomorrow, April 15 Tomorrow, April 15, the year-old “SAFE Act” will require gun owners to register any firearm that falls within the...    |    Pennsylvania: Does your Employer Ban Firearms in Their Parking Lot? Your National Rifle Association is currently seeking information from our members in Pennsylvania on employers who...    |    Tennessee: General Assembly Expected to Adjourn This Week – Your Action Still Needed The 2014 session of the Tennessee General Assembly is expected to come to a close this week, but action on pro-Second...    |    SAFE Act gun showdown Come Tuesday, owners of assault weapons in New York will be faced with a choice: Register those firearms with the state...    |    As many as one million armed New Yorkers are about to break the law This year April 15 is more than the tax deadline for an estimated one million New York State residents. It’s also the...    |    Missouri: House Passes Self-Defense Legislation On Thursday, the Missouri House of Representatives passed House Bill 1539 by a 110 to 39 vote.  HB 1539, critical...    |    Grassroots Alert: Vol. 21, No. 15 04/11/2014    |    Illinois: House Passes Legislation to Prevent the Destruction of Firearms Yesterday, the Illinois House of Representatives passed House Bill 4860, with House Amendment 1, by an 88 to 6 vote. ...    |    Tennessee: House Subcommittee to Hear Park Carry Bill Early Next Week Having awaited passage of the state Budget, House Bill 1407 is expected to be considered in the House Finance, Ways and...    |    Ohio: 2014 Hunting Regulations Approved by Wildlife Council This week, the Ohio Wildlife Council voted to approve deer hunting with certain straight walled rifle cartridges (pistol...    |    Louisiana: House Committee to Consider Gun Control Measure Next Week On Wednesday, April 16, the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee will hold a public hearing and vote on...    |    Oklahoma: Three Important Pro-Gun Bills Still Awaiting Consideration As previously reported here and here, three important pro-gun bills passed in Senate committees last week and have since...    |    Knife-wielding robber targets the wrong store, Fox2now, St. Louis, Mo. 04/08/14 A 24-year-old man drove a stolen truck to Cobb’s Grocery in Richwoods, Mo., entered the store, drew a canister of mace...    |    Holder Floats Taxpayer-Funded "Smart" Gun Research This week, Attorney General Eric Holder testified on Capitol Hill that what America needs at this pivotal moment in its...    |    Contact Your Senators and Representative to Stop Proposed Semi-Auto Firearm Importation Ban We recently reported that U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), sponsor of the federal "assault weapon" and "large"...    |    The Latest on the Obama Administration's Proposed Ban on the Domestic Sale of Ivory and Importation of Elephant Trophies In recent Grassroots Alerts, we addressed the Obama administration's proposal to ban the trade and sale of legally owned...    |    BATFE Publicly Confirms Administration's Ammunition Import Ban On Monday, BATFE issued a "special advisory" indicating the agency's official position on 5.45x39 7N6 ammunition.  The...    |    With Congress in Recess, Please Contact Your Lawmakers and Tell Them to Oppose Import Bans For the next two weeks, Congress will be out on a District Work Period.  During this time, your U.S. senators and House...    |    Nervous About November: 82 Anti-Gun House Democrats Ask Obama to Expand Import Ban On Wednesday, 82 members of the United States House of Representatives sent President Barack Obama a letter asking him...    |    Another Reason to be Concerned about Obama’s Surgeon General Nominee On Thursday, the anti-gun American College of Physicians (ACP) came out for the entire gun control agenda being pushed...    |    Florida: REPORT on Legislative Committee/Floor Action Monday 4/7/14 through Friday 4/11/14 The sixth week of the Legislative Session was another exceptionally busy and successful week.  The blue underlined...    |    California: Legislative Update for the Week of April 7 This week, several anti-gun bills passed in their respective committees while two pro-hunting bills also passed in their...    |    Connecticut mayor quits MAIG Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton resigned Wednesday from Mayors Against Illegal Guns, an affiliation that has brought him...    |    New York Officials Argue for Flexibility with Gun Law Violators… As Long as They're on the City's Payroll Some of New York's most strident gun control advocates have rushed to the defense of an unwitting traveler who was...    |    NRA Opposes Administration's Plan to Broaden Reach of Mental Health-Related Gun Bans On Monday, NRA filed formal comments in opposition to a plan by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives...    |    Outrage of the Week: Zero-Tolerance Policies Now Exploited by Enterprising Bullies There is a long history of school administrators behaving like bullies when enforcing the irrational zero-tolerance...    |    Virginia: Governor Returns NRA-Opposed Amendment on Firearm Records Legislation On Monday, Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) returned a NRA-opposed amendment for Senate Bill 377.  Sponsored by state...    |    Louisiana: House Approves NRA-Backed Restaurant Carry Bill by Overwhelming Vote Yesterday, the Louisiana House of Representatives passed House Bill 72 by an 80 to 19 vote.  This NRA-supported...    |    Californians: Register and Vote for Your Freedom Many Californians who believe in the right to keep and bear arms mistakenly believe that their vote won’t make a...    |    Smart guns are dumb Addressing the assembled congressmen in his inimitable style last Friday, Attorney General Holder told a House...    |    Florida House bill would allow carrying guns without a permit during riots, natural disasters Under a bill backed by the National Rifle Association and other gun groups, riots could be the newest safe haven for...    |   
Thursday, April 24, 2014

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Getting your concealed handgun licenses is a two step process.

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